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    Creative CT4520 Sound Card
    Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Sound Card - ISA interface

    (Creative Model: CT4520)
    Sound Blaster AWE64 Value (CT4520) - 16-bit ISA audio board.

    Brand new item.

    Shipping/Handling in Continental US. is $6.00 via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.
    For international shipments, please contact customer service.

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE64 Value; ISA interface.
    Never been used. No original box. No manual.
    You can download driver here.

    Sound Blaster AWE64 Value is a 16-bit ISA audio board. This Plug and Play card comes equiped with an EMU8000 AWE Synthesizer chip. It provides options to upgrade with a Creative Memory upgrade module.

    - E-mu Systems EMU8000 wave-table synthesizer
    - Digital effects engine for reverb, chorus, flange and delay
    - 32-voice polyphony and multi-timbral capability
    - 128 GM & GS compatible instruments and 10 drum kits
    - 16 MIDI channels
    - 1MB ROM of built in sound samples
    - Creative 3D Stereo Enhancement Technology expands the spaciousness of sounds in a traditional 2 speaker system
    - Hardware acceleration of DirectSound games and applications
    - 512KB onboard RAM supports SoundFont banks and E-mu 3D Positional Audio
    - Full Duplex support
    - 8 and 16 bit mono and stereo recording and playback
    - External connections: Line-IN, Mic-IN, Line-Out Speaker-Out Joystick/MIDI port
    - Internal connections: Audio-In MPC2 (cdrom), PC Spearker-IN
    - E-mu Positional Audio positions sound in a 360 degree 3D environment providing an immersive audio experience with supported applications

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